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Our Mission Statement

By offering extraordinary early education in a way that glorifies God, we prepare children for life, learning and leadership, while enriching family and community life.

Our Vision

As we let our lights shine, we will set the standard for the highest quality of early education by enriching the children, families
and communities we serve.

Our Core Values

Excellence: Exceeding Expectations In All Things
Courage: Speak and Act in Truth and Love
Caring: Love, Respect and Treat Others Genuinely
Unity: We Are Better Together

Providence Preparatory School Building Charlotte NC


A 5-Star, extraordinary private preschool and afterschool!

We believe children’s early experiences and interactions with their environments are fundamental to their development. Research has proven that the most important years for children’s development are birth to age five. Although learning will continue throughout your child’s life, there are specific windows of opportunities in which the brain is at its optimal phase of learning. At Providence Preparatory School our teachers will provide the framework and foundation for success in all areas of development.

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Providing extraordinary early childhood education, learning through play!

We believe in hiring quality teachers, that love what they do. We provide our teachers with educational opportunities, and give them all the support they need to teach your children.

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Promoting Healthy Eating Habits!

PPS preschool offers nutritional lunches because we believe they are crucial for supporting the health and development of young children and promoting healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

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Everthing is geared towards your child!

A balanced diet should include a variety of foods from different food groups such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy products.  With our healthy nutrition program, it’s normal for our pizza sauce, spaghetti or turkey nachos to have 6 – 7 fresh vegetables in them!

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Three year olds have developed a “sense of self” so we respect them for who they are and make sure that our words are positive even as we set a limit. We understand that building a caring relationship with the child is of utmost importance.

More About Our Classrooms

PPS Inside Extras

Whether your child becomes ill at school, or you would just like to breast feed in our spa-inspired room, we have a special place for both occasions.

PPS Outside Areas

We provide age appropriate playgrounds for your child to have outdoor free play time.

They will find playgrounds for:

  • Infant and Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School Age
Reggio Classroom


Each child is unique. We believe in helping your child to express their interests in many different ways.

This approach is a student-centered and constructivist self-guided curriculum that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is “the hundred languages,” a belief that children use art, language, physicality, experimentation, relationships and so many other avenues as forms of communication and expression.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are our Mission, Vision Statement and Core Values?

PPS Mission Statement : By offering extraordinary early education in a way that glorifies God, we prepare children for life, learning and leadership, while enriching family and community life.

PPS Vision : As we let our lights shine, we will set the standard for the
highest quality of early education by enriching the children, families
and communities we serve

Our Core Values

  • Excellence : Exceeding Expectations In All Things
  • Courage: Speak and Act in Truth and Love
  • Caring: Love, Respect and Treat Others Genuinely
  • Unity : We Are Better Together

How can I add my child to the wait list for PPS?

To begin the process Visit this page on the website and click “online registration.” https://www.providenceprepschool.com/online-tour-registration

What if my child takes medication?

Most medications can be accommodated by completing a simple “permission to administer form” which allows PPS to administer the medication while your child is in our care. Of course, there are certain medications and medical conditions that would prohibit this from being possible. PPS asks that a Parent administer all necessary medicine to his/her child at home when possible. When this is not possible PPS follows the policies for administration, which is PPS’ guidelines for administering medicines and which meets or exceeds the requirements of the DCDEE.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

Infants – 4 to 1

Toddlers – 5 to 1

Twos – 8 to 1

Threes – 9 to 1

Fours & Pre-K – 12 to 1

AS – 15 to 1

How much is tuition?

Visit the page titled “Tuition Rates” on this website to see our current room rates. https://www.providenceprepschool.com/tuition-rates/

What credentials do the teachers have?

Our teachers have a wide variety of credentials. Some with an Associates, Bachelors or Masters Degree. We are very proud that many of our teachers are currently working to advance their education through the TEACH scholarship program! We try to match teachers up with the best pairing as possible per classroom, to ensure the best balance for that particular class and age group.

How do teachers communicate with parents?

Your teachers will communicate throughout the day and always at the end of each day by posting updates and notes to your child’s daily report through Tadpoles. This is a communication system you can use as an app, as an email recipient, or both. All of the details of the day, the food your child ate, bathroom habits and any other relevant information would be sent through this portal. You can also email your child’s specific classroom directly.

What is your sick policy?

PPS places top priority on a child’s health and safety. PPS strives to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses by stressing safe hygiene and sanitation practices. Unfortunately, most children will periodically experience normal infections and illnesses in his/her early years. When deciding whether a child is well enough to attend school, PPS asks that a Parent consider how his/her child’s illness may affect other children, as well as the staff, of PPS. If a Parent is unsure as to whether he/she should keep his/her child home, the Parent should call his/her pediatrician and/or check the DCDEE regulations regarding what symptoms children exhibit that require them to stay home or be sent home.

What meals do you provide?

Parents understand that lifetime eating habits are formed during a child’s earliest years and that PPS greatly influences each child’s nutritional preferences since PPS provides most of the child’s daily meals. PPS prepares breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack using a combination of fresh, whole foods, fruits, vegetables and herbs. PPS selects menu items that provide the children with a high level of nutrition. PPS uses ingredients that are healthy, nutrient rich, low fat, low sodium and high protein. Infants must be able to take a bottle. PPS will feed infants at the rate required by law even if that rate is different from the rate requested by the Parents.

What is the process of bottle feeding & managing feeding schedules in the infant classrooms?

Our aim is to help mothers and babies as much as possible! You tell us your schedule, and we will continue your baby on that schedule during their day at school. Our infant room teachers are extremely knowledgeable and have many years of experience in their field. They understand the importance of consistency, and are always there to support the baby and family. It is important to remember that there are up to 8 babies in each room. Our teachers do their best to feed everyone on-time and on-schedule. Of course, there are times when one child will have to wait to be fed if all of the babies are on the same feeding schedule.

What can my child bring to school and is there anything we should not bring?

We welcome children to bring one item from home to nap with. Sometimes children like to have an item that comforts them while they sleep or rest. Many children also bring toddler sized pillows to use while they are on their cots, and a small blanket or cover. None of that is required! But they are certainly allowed and encouraged if it helps your child during rest time. It is important to understand that we must follow strict guidelines set by the State of NC and the Licensed Child Care Association. Other items that we ask you to supply are diapers (to applicable age groups), an extra change of clothes, and waterplay clothing (swimsuit or other) and a towel when applicable. Please do not bring any item marked unsafe for children.

What is the curriculum?

At PPS, we use the Creative Curriculum as a framework to follow the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, which is a play-based, self-lead program. We are also a Faith based, Christian school. Faith Formation is an important part of our early education program. All classrooms have 30 minutes of Faith Formation each week.